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Useful Applescripts for BibDesk | BibDesk Templates for Humanities

Warning: These scripts are no longer actively supported, most of their functionality has become obsolete with recent BibDesk updates. For more script see the Applescript site on the official BibDesk wiki.

The following Applescripts are meant for BibDesk, an BibTeX manager for OSX. Version 0.97.1 or higher is required for the scripts to work. The zip file includes the following scripts:

  • Amazonsearch – This script allows you to search in the Amazon database directly out of BibDesk. You can either search amazon.com or amazon.de and you can do either keyword or author search. Unfortunately, Amazon’s bibliographic data is somewhat limited, you only get some basic information.
  • RLGSearch – This script searches http://redlightgreen.com a bibliographic database which claims to have 120 mio titles. Like with Amazonsearch you can do your search directly out of BibDesk. The bibliographic data is much more complete, you can even seletc from different editions. This is a first version and still has lots of rough edges. Since RLG doesn’t exist anymore, this script has become obsolete.
  • Addwepage – A simple script for Safari, it creates a new URL-entry with the the title and URL of the website currently open in Safari. It also adds the current date, using Jurabib’s Urldate field.
  • Nebis – Also a Safari script, meant for Nebis and IDS Basel/Bern, the libraries of the universities of Basel, Bern and Zürich (Switzerland) which are all based on Aleph. This script is a bit of a hack, since Aleph’s output isn’t always formatted the same way, but until BibDesk gets proper Z39.50 support, it’s the best I can do. Since BibDesk now features z39.50 support which allows direct connection with library servers, this script has become obsolete.

You can download the scripts here.